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Meet our new ks2 Eco-Schools committee 2017-2018

March Competition.


We had to name the top THREE food and drink items we throw away in the U.K.

The answers were:


1.Bread 24 million slices

2. Potatoes 5.8 million

3.Milk 5.9 million glasses.


Most of the food we throw away in the UK is avoidable


Well done to those who entered.

Our competition winner will be announced on Wednesday 14th March in assembly.

Some of the things we do in eco schools.text...

KS2 Committee 2017 – 2018


P7 – Mark Gribben

Jessica Baile (Chairperson)

Lucy Grossman

Patrick Gordan

Jordan Reynolds

John McCrum


P6 – Dylan Adamson

Aoife Winters (Website)

 Ben Dickson Photographer

Shelley Crawford (Secretary)


P5 - Sam Leslie

Lucy Gilliland (Website)

Ellie Walker

Lydia McComb (Assistant secretary)

Curtis Mitchell

Jake Reilly


P4 – Mark McKenzie

Megan Best

Sophie McBride

Aimee Halliday