Edenderry Primary School

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 Parent Notes

               SPORTS DAY    -    Tuesday 5 June 2018

 Our Sports Day will be held on the Academy grounds this year. The event will take place on the grass near the Nursery school.


P3 & P4                  -               9.15 – 10.15

P1 & P2                     -           10.15 – 11.15

P5 – P7                      -           11.15 – 12.30


         If the weather is warm we would ask parents to ensure that their children

  • wear sun cream
  • wear a hat
  • If it is wet on Tuesday, the event will take place on the next available dry day. (We will update you by text).
  • This year will see a change to our normal Sports Day format.
  • Paul Evans has kindly volunteered to organise and run an ‘Olympic’ style event. This will involve children rotating around a number of activities on the sports field.
  • These include:         Flat race                                     
  •                       Novelty race 
  •                       Football match
  •                       Obstacle race     
    •                       P5 – P7 will also participate in long jump & distance   
  • Our Sports Day is a day for all the children to take part in and enjoy.  As you can appreciate being a finishing judge is not an easy job and staff try to be as fair as they can be in their decisions. We would ask you to be aware of this if their decision may differ from yours.
  • You will appreciate that students at the Academy are sitting exams, we will be unable to use sound systems during the event.