P2 Mr P Moffett & Mrs J Morrow

P2 have been busy learning about Chinese New Year, how it is celebrated and customs associated with this celebration. On Wednesday 7th February, P2 held a parent's assembly where children read out facts about the Chinese New Year and performed 4 songs - Chinese Dragon, Dragon Dance, Paper Lanterns and It's a New Year. The children also worked hard in the Creative Area at playtime to create their own Chinese New Year crafts such as creating Chinese fans, lanterns and all 12 Zodiac animals. As it was the Year of the Dragon, a 7ft Dragon was created  by the kids in the weeks leading up to assembly. P2 were keen to host this assembly before the official Chinese New Year date, on Saturday 10th February. Parents were also provided the chance to participate in the Chinese tradition of hanging a wish for their child on the wishing tree.
On Tuesday 6th February, we had an outdoor learning day. As our topic was 'Chinese New Year' we made pictures of a dragon using materials found in the forest and painted numbers in Chinese using mud and sticks. After this, we went on a treasure hunt to find different things in the outdoor environment
Johnny and his Dad visited us from Jurassic Ark Encounters and brought many reptiles with them for us to see, touch and learn about. It was a brilliant way to introduce our new ‘Amazing Animals’ topic.  
Term 1 Play
October Snapshot 
Wheels, Wings and Other Things 
Our topic this term is ‘Wheels, Wings and Other Things. In this topic we have been learning about all the different ways that we can travel around.We have looked at travel and transport on air, water and land. We have had fun so far through our play. We even got to see some forms of transport up close! I wonder what we will get up to next in our topic…
P2 Autumn Walk
In October, our class went on an Autumn walk around our school grounds. On our walk we were recognising signs of Autumn using our five senses. We collected lots of natural materials that remind us of Autumn. We even made some homes for the animals using sticks and leaves. 
September Fun in P2FM