L1 Miss D Craig

Hello and welcome to L1!
We are the Junior Learning Support Class and there are 11 pupils in L1. Miss Craig is the teacher and Mrs Magill, Miss Irvine, and Inga are our classroom assistants. 

In our class, each one of us is important, we value each other, are kind to each other, and love to learn together. 
We are not afraid to try new things, make mistakes and learn from them. We respect each other’s opinions and differences.
We have lots of fun and laughs along the way too! 
'Treemendous' Tuesday
L1 had lots of fun outside for our Outdoor Learning Day. 
We enjoyed playing with the water, the shop, painting, and exploring.
Letters to Santa
L1 have been very excited to write our letters to Santa. We worked really hard to do our best writing. We then walked to the post box and posted our letters. 
We are hoping that we are on Santa's Nice List and get a reply from the big man himself!
Outdoor Fun in the Sun 
Today we went outside for our PE session. We had a great time climbing on our play equipment. Everyone had a great time!
L1 have been learning all about classic Fairytales. We have enjoyed exploring our different stories each week. We have dressed up as the different characters, decorated biscuits, played with the characters in our play area, and also completed a bit of work along the way!