P1B Mrs Bicker

Meet the class of 2023-24
A child’s most famous words summed up in these beautiful poems…
Our first Playtime

Playtime Fun

“Play is precious. Play builds brain pathways for thinking, creativity, flexibility, empathy and many more lifelong skills” Heather Shumaker

P1 have the opportunity to play everyday and is an important part of our day!

Our first playtime in P1B
We have been learning to sort and make sets
Developing Our Fine Motor Skills
Red Snack Day!

We were learning about the colour red. Mrs Bicker asked us to bring in a red snack for red day! This was fun!

Learning our numbers 
Celebrating our colour of the week!
yellow, green, purple 

Circle Time Enjoyment

Circle time brings many benefits which helps a child develop as a whole. These include;

- Improved speaking and listening skills.
- Increased self-esteem.
- A sense of community.
- An understanding of how their behaviour affects others.
- Improved emotional intelligence.
- Improved problem-solving skills.
- A sense of responsibility.
- Improved relationships between children, and between children and their teacher.

In p1 we dedicate time each week for circle time activities. Here is an example of things we get up to.
Outdoor Play

Outdoor play has many benefits for children’s development. Here is a list of reasons below:

  • it improves their motor skills and overall health of the child
  • improves muscle strength
  • Helps to develop a greater self awareness
  • gives an appreciation for their environment
  • Helps to improve peer relationships
  • Children develop an awareness of their 5 senses.
  • gives a sense of independence
  • it helps to aid brain development
  • it improves communication skills
  • It gives access to a greater learning space in a natural way.

Our P1’s love getting outside to play, develop and expand on their physical, emotional and intellectual skills, developing vocabulary They may have never experienced before.

Our video shows the enjoyment we have during outdoor play.
Sorting Challenge and Learning all about number 3
Autumn Adventures
As part of our forest school / outdoor learning, we went out to explore the changes and signs of autumn. 
We went on our autumn adventures to our outdoor area. We were challenged to find two special treasures to bring back to class.
Everyone listened carefully to the rules of the outdoors and found their treasures. We brought them back to class for show and tell.
We were even lucky to spot a frog on our journey!
it was so much fun!
We are beginning to learn our keywords
Christmas Playtime Fun
Christmas Fun Day
Word Building Challenge
Mrs Bicker challenged us to use our sounds to make simple Christmas words. We had to listen carefully to each sound and write them on our whiteboards! Mrs Bicker was very proud of us and we were so happy!
Fun learning using our class iPads 
We are lucky to have a class set of iPads in school. P1 have fun using the iPads as part of our learning. Mrs Bicker taught us how to use the camera and QR scanner to load maths or sound games. We get to work together with our partner and develop good turn taking skills, working together if issues arise, and build on our independence while developing our learning. It is a fun and interactive session!
Pattern Fun
Learning Our Sounds 
The Amazing Journey
P1 enjoyed a lovely morning listening to a variety of bible stories, dressing up and enjoying a yummy snack.  Thank you so much to volunteers from Banbridge Baptist for a great morning.
Fun with a human number line
Halloween Fun
Halloween is such a fun time of year! We were very lucky to get dressed up, show off our dance moves at our Halloween disco, challenge our smell and touch senses with a pumpkin. We listened to a story about a pumpkin and got to carve a very big pumpkin that was harvested from our very own poly tunnel! It was amazing! Everyone got to take two pumpkin seeds home to plant and grow their own pumpkin next year!